Blaze, in your tongue

Dwarf-like with eyes aflame and beard ablaze




I was born in the warmth of the plane of fire, but alas, it was not long to be. One of my earliest memories is being with twin brother, playing in the streams of lava that are so abundant and flow constantly in the fires of my home. All I remember is a fierce cold, and then the frozen body of my brother trapped in a congealed lava flow, and a great numbing terror. I’ve always had an unstable magical current about me, and so my sister has always assumed that what happened was my fault. I do not know, I don’t think so, but it is possible, considering how magic runs wild around me, these past few months being particularly illustrative of that. Anyway, I lost my brother and my sister on the same day, at the age of 4. She has sworn that should I show myself in our home again, she’d kill me sooner than look at me. My parents also couldn’t bear to look at me, seeing only the death of their son, and I was sent to the monastery of flame on the outskirts of the intersection of the plane of fire and earth, where they proselytize the great message of the void and the flame, an effort by azer nobles to spread the love of fire and flame through the planes.

I don’t much hold with the religious points, but the meditative zen has proven incredibly powerful as a tool to focus and understand the worlds around me. I was mostly ignored by the monks, for if I learned the things they taught, they had filled their obligations. I was largely free to do as I wished, and I wandered the area around the monastery, balancing and practicing acrobatics. I never spent much time with anyone, and was very lonely. All the azers were afraid that the same thing as happened to my twin would happen to them, and there were precious few of any other race. My childhood was otherwise happy, if lonely, and very meditative.

However, upon on of my wandering trips, as I balanced upon a pointed rock, I saw a small bit of fire moving strangely through the rocks. I also saw several very territorial earth elementals barging toward it, so I deduced it must have been a fire elemental. I jumped down and ran to investigate. Seeing a fellow being of fire, the tiny elemental dashed toward me, and something gleamed in its mouth. Apparently it had stolen some gems from the earth elementals, which they were none too happy about. The fire jumped up into my arms and curled up in my flame beard, and dropped the gem into my hand. It was a clear gem the size of an egg, raw, uncut, and very beautiful. I immediately turned, as the elementals were sizing me up warily. They decided I was a much more difficult target than the little elemental, and so they left. Iggy, as I decided to call him, was not so put off by me, and he fell right to sleep in the warmth of my flames, so I decided we were to be great friends.

It was quite a boon for the monastery, as well. Iggy led me to where he found the crystal, and we sneaked up to what appeared to be a very large crystal from which he had broken a tiny piece. At great peril, we determined the scale of the earth elemental force guarding their treasure. Moving quietly, climbing through razer sharp rocks, Iggy led me through the only safe path to it he had found. I reported this back to the monastery, and they led an excursion to take the crystal from the fire elementals and carve a great monument to the void and the flame from it. I was awarded a ceremonial gauntlet and told that the monastery was in my debt for such a wonderful find.

The very next day after my triumph, I was whisked away to this terrible place, and the tale ceases to be either interesting or good in any way. So that’s all I have to say.

Blaze, in your tongue

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